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I am Judd Feuerstein, a senior iOS developer
with over 20 years of experience, and
the owner of Contity Consulting.


For most of my career I had the pleasure and good fortune of working for Microsoft and Intel corporations.
Since 2005 I’ve been an entrepreneur and a freelancer and I’ve been focusing entirely on iOS development since early 2010.

Pleasure to work with

“Judd is an expert iOS developer, and a pleasure to work with. He quickly assumed responsibility and ownership of the project, got up to speed, and delivered great results at a high quality and on time. In addition to his direct responsibilities, Judd provided valuable inputs and insight to the project as a whole. I'll be happy to hire Judd again in the future.”

Gilad Golan, client / manager, VMware

Very seasoned developer

“Judd is a very seasoned developer who quickly gets the bigger picture, in our case an iOS app's objective and intended user experience/feel, and rapidly produces production quality work on the first take, at times with nothing more than mockups as input. He was working remotely, about 10+ hours ahead of us. Not only that never became an issue, he efficiently leveraged the time difference to make sure our Seattle team had something functional to review when we came into the office. My experience in working with Judd has been nothing but positive and I would jump at the opportunity to work with him, again.”

Kaveh Goudarzian, program manager, VMware

High-capacity developer

“Judd is a high-capacity developer who can master all levels of product development: code, architecture, design, ux. During our project at VMware, he quickly transformed beautiful design to fully functional application. He clearly communicated back-end requirements to me. The pieces fit together with minimal glitches.”

Phuoc Do, backend developer, VMware

Fantastic iOS developer

“Judd is a fantastic iOS developer. He understands requirements, communicates frequently on progress, and ships frequent code updates.”

Paul Rydell, client / manager, Networx Online

Solid performance in ambiguous situations

“I had the privilege to work with Judd on several projects at Microsoft. Judd brings experience and knowledge in mobile development and software engineering in general. We worked together on iOS and Android applications. During this period Judd displayed solid performance in ambiguous situations and it was a sheer pleasure to work along his side. Judd is a trust worthy, experienced and professional developer. I will gladly work with him again in the future.”

Saar Yahalom, teammate, Microsoft

iOS Portfolio


Stuffcard is a new app I am developing these days.
It is a startup I co-founded.


Audiobook & Podcast Player

Audiobook & Podcast Player is similar to the built-in iPod player app but better suited for listening to spoken content. It plays audiobooks and podcasts from the shared media library. It features a sleep timer, automatic continuous bookmarking and large comfortable forward and back navigation buttons.

After a few years on the App Store, it is still a very popular app.

It is free to install and try out and uses In-App-Purchase for the upgrade.

See intro clip on youtube and install it from the App Store.


MLM Zap is a communication tool for the multi level marketing industry that I wrote for Networx Online. It is a pretty substantial app that features messaging between team mates and content publishing to Facebook and Twitter. It’s using remote push notifications, Amazon AWS/S3 storage and communicates with the backend through a REST API.

See intro clip and link to AppStore on the MLM-Zap home page.

Nerium Center

Nerium Center is an app that I wrote from scratch for Networx Online. It is a pretty thin client for a web based CRM service for multi level marketing. It is basically a web view with a few client features. ACN Center, ACN Centre and Seacret are three other versions of the same app that are built from the same code base with different skins.

Install Nerium Center from the App Store

Build Lasting Success (BLS)

Build Lasting Success (BLS) is another app I wrote for Networx Online. This is a more substantial app also targeting a CRM service. In this case I started from an existing code base for another app they already published and introduced substantial improvements to it. MSC Mobile and Saba Mobile are 2 other versions of this app that are built from the same code base with different skins.

Install BLS from the App Store

Fax Burner

Fax Burner is another app I worked on for Networx Online. For v3.0 of this app, I implemented substantial improvements on a very old code base. Added PDF annotations and autographing, Dropbox and Box.net integration, Printing and more.

Install Fax Burner from the App Store

Bing Mobile

Bing Mobile is Microsoft Bing’s iOS app. I was part of the team that developed Location Based Reminders functionality for the Bing Mobile app.

Install Bing Mobile from the App Store


Spotit (code name) was a geo based photo sharing app that I worked on in 2011. It got shelved when we realized that field was way too crowded.


Corsica (code name) was an incubation project for one of my clients. The app was somewhat similar to Pinterest. The project was canned for business reasons.


Stylift is a fashion related iPad app I worked on for a while.



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